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Team at Chinese New Year
Outback Dragons
Outback Dragons Dubbo Inc
Incorporating a Sporting Side and our Breast Cancer Survivors' Team

Dragons Abreast is part of the Outback Dragons Dubbo. Dragons Abreast was started in Canada in 1998 because it was hoped that the paddling would help women with breast cancer strengthen after their surgery. It has done that and much much more. It gives women who have survived back their sense of fun and of the spice in life.

There are now Dragons Abreast clubs around Australia and the world. The Outback Dragons club of breast cancer survivors paddle in blue and orange with the sporting team and then change shirts and paddle in pink with other breast cancer survivors. This year at Chinese New Year they teamed up with paddlers from Melbourne to form a composite team called Ratatouille. They came third in both their heats and then surged forth to win their minor finals. They enjoyed the comradeship of standing alongside women in pink from all over Australia.

The "Flowers on the Water" ceremony is an important part of the Chinese New Year activities in Sydney. Each year our team paddles out on the water, watched by thousands of spectators they raft up and hold hands with other survivors to form a human raft. This is done to remember those men and women who have lost their lives to Breast Cancer.

Last year in Queensland our Outback Dragons Dragons Abreast team paddled alongside breast cancer survivors from around the world. They enjoyed healthy competition but far more they enjoyed the sense of comfort and friendship from other women who have been through similar horrific experiences.

Dragons Abreast Girls were the crucial driving force behind the formation of our club. We will always be thankful to them for the hard work they have done on our behalf and our club has a deep ethic of support for breast cancer survivors. Every club member is committed to helping out where possible and we have participated in many community events which help to raise much needed funds for cancer treatment and research. Last year our club participated in "Relay for Life" to raise funds. Our activities and profile in the community also helps raise awareness of what it takes to help prevent breast cancer

Boat in Water

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